Here are Bardon Anglican we value our children and think it is important to help them to grow in their life and faith. We have a number of children’s ministries organised through the church for those in primary school or not yet in school.  Why not find out more.


Maybe you are in high school? We are keen to help you explore the Christian faith and the bigger questions in life. We have some regular events and gatherings where you can socialise and explore what it means to have a faith in this day and age…Why not find out more.

Young Adults

Just started uni or tafe? Come check out some of the social things we are up to along with some exciting ways to serve and connect with your community…Why not find out more.


People of all ages are welcome to participate and come together…Why not find out more.

Baptism or Marriage or Funerals

We offer a range of services to help you no matter where you and your family is in life… Why not find out more.


We are reaching out everyday to different people in both Bardon and beyond. Why not find out more.