Supporting Mission


Our church's motto is set free to serve. The outworking of that means serving others and a significant component of that discipleship call to "go" is to support a variety of mission agencies that express similar serving values to those of this church. This has meant that for the past 30 years our church has spent more than 30% of our annual budget on causes, ministries and outreaches to those outside of our membership.

Those organisations currently supported by Bardon Anglican Parish include:

  • Local Outreach in the Foothills and Brisbane
  • Mission Support - Church Missionary Society (CMS), Australian Board of Missions (ABM), Bush Church Aid (BCA)
  • Sharing of Ministries Abroad (SOMA)
  • Sylvia Jeanes, Sabah, East Malaysia
  • Vivien Wilson, Centralia
  • Archbishop Ngalamu Theological College (ANTC), Mundri, South Sudan

ABM Logo

Anglican Board of Mission (ABM)

ABM is the national mission agency of the Anglican Church of Australia working with overseas and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and communities. ABM has a holistic view of God’s mission. ABM works with Anglican Church partners and others to see lives empowered and transformed spiritually, materially and socially. Our 2014 contribution to ABM was $1,464. ABM helps the Anglican Church and the wider community realise and respond to the invitation for all to be a part of God’s hope for the world.

Anglican Diocese of Brisbane

The Anglican Diocese of Brisbane has rebranded itself to a more community friendly Anglican Church, Southern Queensland.  During 2014 as a member of the Southern Queensland diocese our church contributed $18,900 (8% of budget) toward diocesan ministry and expenses.  It is worth exploring the new diocesan website at

As well as administer the Diocese through its various commissions, the Diocese contributes towards the mission of the church through supporting various mission agencies, as well as local/regional Anglican Churches, chaplaincies, and planting of new churches.

BCA logo

Bush Church Aid

BCA shares the gospel, builds up the church, and cares for people all around Australia.  Field Staff serve in regional and remote parts of Australia.  Locals in these places are removed from cities, live in sparsely populated towns (sometimes as small as a few hundred people), and often don’t benefit from strong support networks of family and friends.  Churches in these areas can struggle, ongoing fellowship can be hard to maintain, and encouragement can become a rarity.  Our church contributed $1,464 during 2014.

Church Missionary Society (CMS)

CMS is a fellowship of Christian people and churches committed to global mission.  We work with churches to set apart long-term workers who cross cultures to share the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  CMS’s vision is for a world that knows Jesus.

In 2014 our church contributed $1,464 to CMS Australia

Haggai Institute

The Haggai Institute (HI) continues to receive our church’s support, $1464 in 2014.  HI carefully selects proven, credentialed leaders from Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East and trains them to impact their world for Christ.  HI’s training program is unique, powerful, and found nowhere else, it gives existing leaders from developing nations the inspiration, the focus, and the sheer can-do to impact whatever world they influence, be it nation, city, neighbourhood, company, non-governmental organisation, or church.

For 2015, Haggai Institute has a new Australian executive director, Mr John Gagliardi who is a Brisbane resident with strong connections to Citipointe church and the INC network (formerly known as COC).

Sharing of Ministries Abroad (SOMA)

SOMA is dedicated to fostering the renewal of the Church world-wide, with a view to enabling and equipping the Church to fulfil the “Great Commission” of Jesus Christ given in Matthew 28:19-20. While the ministry of SOMA is primarily to the Anglican Church, there is involvement by and with other churches.  Parishioner Neil Wait is on the Australian board of SOMA.

In 2014, our church gave $2,916 to SOMA.  There are international missions planned for next year, for which SOMA is seeking expressions of interest from participants.

School chaplaincy @ Bardon State School

Our church maintains a very strong relationship with the Bardon State School, and we have a growing relationship at Rainworth State School.  These are two key areas for parish ministry supporting 280 children[1] and their families in Bardon; 600 children[2] and their families in Rainworth.  Our church contributed $4,638 to the SU Chaplaincy services at Bardon State School.  We also provide Religious Education services throughout the year to Bardon State School and Rainworth State School.  We enjoy a positive relationship with Daniel Baxter, the chappy at Bardon.  Our Carols in Park event through the hardworking sausage team also raised an additional $1,296 for the Chaplaincy at Bardon.

[1] 250 of these children participate in RE classes.

[2] 400 of these 600 children participate in RE classes.

Vivien Wilson

A favourite daughter of St Mary’s, Vivien serves the Lord as a Christian aid worker in remote Aboriginal communities of Northern Territory.  She has previously served Ethiopia, Mozambique and Rwanda.  Vivien Wilson began her journey as a preventative health care nurse working in Aboriginal communities in Queensland.  She spent the next ten years working for World Vision in developing countries including Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Liberia and Central Australia.  Vivien works in central Australia with Indigenous youth caught up in substance abuse.  She has no financial backer.  During 2014, the parish sent $2,916 to help meet some of Vivien’s

Archbishop Ngalamu Theological College, Mundri, South Sudan


Archbishop Ngalamu Theological College, Mundri, South Sudan

During 2014, we made significant progress on this cooperative work with the ANTC.  The international guest house was transformed from the war damaged ruin to a modern guest house with seven bedrooms, a cistern toilet, shower and modern kitchen.  This facility now allows western lecturers and workers to come to Mundri and work with relative modern amenities, allowing extended stays and more work to be undertaken.

We had been planning for some men to go to Mundri in January 2014 but the civil war meant it was postponed.  The subsequent trip for May was postponed for the same reason.  In late June, the parish received an urgent request for help with provision of food.  One of our parishioners travelled to Mundri despite ongoing civil war action to take a sum of money, to take the parish’s encouragement and to stand with the people of South Sudan at this time when they feel deserted by not just the world, but their own leaders as well.

First ever Business Leader's Dinner in Mundri
August 2014Close of college semester August 2014
Students needed to go back and check on familes

Our Mission Team March 2013
This was a very hard mission with harsh conditions.

The Anglican Parish of Sarina contributed two of four laptops that taken over.  Computer training classes were run over four days for all students.  A Business Leaders Dinner was held in the new International Guest House, cultivating some local relationships in favour of the college and its increased financial sustainability.  Faculty and students were fed their most substantial meals for months.  Some faculty were paid small parts of their wages and a motorcycle with a trailer was purchased for the college’s use, and for income earning in the village.  Two college cooks were trained on healthy cooking methods, local men were employed on several small projects to clear land and ready it for domestic use, demolish and old war damaged outside cooking house and using the same bricks to build a new five station composting and recycling centre.Additionally, our visiting parishioner preached in the cathedral, lectured in the college, scoped the next three building projects and spent long nights sitting and listening to locals tell their stories and experiences of life in civil war torn South Sudan.During 2014, our parish contributed $2,958 from its annual budget to the operational work of BNTC.  Parishioners also gave another $18,000 in separate and private contributions.In the picture below, some of the students can be seen eating a celebration meal after the closing ceremony for the college session.  This is taken in front of the Main Classroom Building which the Bardon Anglican Church also funded and helped building 2013.

A mid-year mission trip to Mundri is being planned for 2015.  Be prayerful about whether you should go, whether you should support someone who is going and for the people of South Sudan as they suffer continued hardship under their greedy, ambitious and selfish leadership of the country.