Helping rebuild the new nation of South Sudan

Since 2010, our little parish church has been working in Mundri, Western Equatoria state, South Sudan.  Our work has been to rebuild a tertiary college that has suffered severe war time damage through the two wars with Sudan of 1955-72 and 1983-2005.  The college is named after the nation’s first indigenous Archbishop Ngalamu.

We have now completed three stages of work:

1.  We provided funds to get solar energy installed and to repair and make good a 3000 litre water storage tank with solar pump and tap outlets around the community.

2.  Stage II saw us fund and provide on the ground labour to refurbish the college’s main classroom block.  The outcome was the college growing from one classroom and an office to having three classrooms, a library and a storage room as well the office.  In 2013 the student intake doubled as a direct result of increased capacity as well as having working classrooms, power for lighting and water for food and hygiene.

3.  In 2014, with some other international partners, we completed the rebuilding and refurbishment of a ruined building, and turned it into an International Guest House.  This was at the request of college leadership who wanted an asset whereby lecturers and workers could travel to South Sudan and stay in accomodation that meant they could stay fopr more than one week.  Complete with a western toilet and shower; bedrooms with beds, fans and nets; a kitchen with cooking, refrigeration, purified drinking water and dining facilities; the guest house has enabled capacity for internationals to come and work for longer periods of time.

This work has been undertaken with funds raised from this small parish in suburban Brisbane, with mnore than $100,000 so far raised and spent in South Sudan, rebuilding the college.

Stage IV is to secure a residence for the college principal.  As a key person to get students educated and trained and mae the college successful, we need to provide a residence for the Principal and their family.  Currently no such facility exists and the Principal stays onsite in make do accomodation.  This phase will cost A$75,000 and we plan to commence mid 2015 if we have the funds.

Donations can be made directly to the church account at ANFIN, BSB 704 901 and Account 0001 4771.

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Below is the students outside the newly renovated Main Classromm Block (Stage II).  On the right is basic computer training with laptops we take over for students.

SouthSudan1 SouthSudan2

Below is Stage III – building an International Guest House


Below is Stage IV, the proposed Principal’s residence.  A 2015 Project.