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It has been one of our visions over the years to continue our connection with the congregation and wider community through our hospitality via use of the kitchen. The kitchen has been noted as one of the major areas of physical activity and fellowship amongst parishioners over many years. This has been added to by the manner in which the deck is being used fruitfully; greater fellowship has resulted through its availability for many functions including our weekly morning teas after services. And the change in worship times had not affected the fellowship, in fact it has continued to grow and flourish. It is a great vehicle for building community and welcoming newcomers.

As you know the kitchen is small and very crowded at times, making it difficult for people to work smartly and safely. There is the additional matter of workplace safety and making sure our people, both servers and those being served, are properly cared for. A draft concept plan has been posted on the noticeboard for your viewing along with some explanatory notes. Comments will be gratefully received by the Wardens, but please bear in mind as always with these decisions that we cannot please everyone as you can appreciate. Our aim is to gather good feedback so that we can consider them, pray and make the best and wisest decision.

A number of concepts have been considered over the years. We have not dropped the ball and have continued with prayer and discernment. We now believe we can see the end in sight. Thanks to the generous donor that got things going and your own contributions we do not believe we need any further funds to complete the project. Thank you all for your wonderful commitment and patience.


Another vision we have had is to minister to the young people of the parish and beyond and their families. We do this in a number of ways including CC Club, Religious Instruction at Schools, Carols Night, Paddington outreach, Reverb Nights and more. Over the years we have employed Nathan as Youth Worker and last year Rebecca joined us in Children’s Ministry. [Don’t misread this to say we ignore other members; I am simply referring to the children’s ministry as one of our focus areas.]

Some of the comments I have made above about the kitchen have a ring about them when thinking about Rebecca’s ministry. That is, we have a vision to employ people to work alongside the rector in ministering to the congregation as well as reach out to the lost families in our community. We believe we are set free to serve and that’s what we want to do; to go and make disciples who will make a difference in the world. Let’s keep supporting Rebecca with our prayer and our contributions.

Thank you to those who have already contributed towards Rebecca’s ministry. Please continue to pray for her, her ministry and making your contributions, we have a long way to go.

Blessings all, Colin

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  • Nathan

    It was great having Vivian at the service. She had some awesome stories about healing and her ministry in the outback. Can’t wait till her next visit.