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Around every 3 months there is a 5th Sunday in the month. It has become customary over the years to combine the two services into one so that we can experience the fellowship of the entire parish gathered for worship. This is not without some challenges as both services tend to emphasise a different form of worship, not to mention time factors such as the length of the service. Bearing in mind the various differences I think it important for us to focus more on what unites us. So with that in mind I have been reflecting and praying about how the coming 5th Sunday combined service might be formatted. I will be leading the service and using the following format with approximate times:
8.30am Ministry of the Word [this includes preparation/prayers for worship, readings and sermon]
9.00am Ministry of the Sacraments [this includes confession/absolution/Holy Communion]
9.30am Ministry of Praise and Worship [this includes songs of praise/worship and other acts of praise such as testimonies]
What this timing allows for is the possibility of those who need to get away early to do so, and for those who wish to stay later and longer for worship and praise to do so. And it also allows for those who wish to continue fellowship with those from the other services to commit to the entire morning services. It might also prove to be an opportune time to try this format given we will be disrupted for some weeks with kitchen refurbishments.
We also have a guest for the day who will bring a short message: his name is Jack Orendain and he is the Pastoral Carer at St Paul’s Villa, the nursing home where we meet once per fortnight for 9am services. It has been our custom over quite some years now to go to St Paul’s Villa for morning services to provide Holy Communion to the folk who are unable to attend our worship services at Bardon either on Thursdays or Sundays. Jack is instrumental in greeting us and helping us set-up for the day and arranging for the folk of St Paul’s Villa to get to the service. He is ably assisted by our dedicated team from Bardon Church, including Paul Reedman and Berilyn Morrison, as well as Rebecca and myself. John and Jan Wanstall were regular members of the team and led us for many years but in recent times have had to pull back on their commitment. We greatly appreciate the team and give thanks for the many years that John and Jan served in this capacity. Our time at St Paul’s Villa also helps in Rebecca’s ongoing training. And if you have been wondering why you haven’t seen Pam Louttit around for a while, then be assured she makes it along to our fortnightly service at St Paul’s Villa. She sends her blessings to us.
To wrap up this short blog I was pleased to hear that people were touched by last week’s sermon on the Wrath of God and how this leads us to appreciate much more fully the love of God. In my coming sermons in August I plan, Lord willing, to develop the teaching into the Person and Work of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the ultimate expression of God’s love as he underwent the wrath of God for our salvation. Don’t forget the Father and the Son are one and the same God, which is part of the mystery of our faith. How can the Father pour out his wrath on his Son whilst at the same time pour out his love? Well, that’s something for us to explore together soon. Pray for me as I prepare the sermons, and pray for one another as we prepare to receive. May the Lord enlightens us all that we might draw closer to him.

Blessings all, Colin

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One thought on “Pastor’s Blog: Worshipping Together on 29 July 2018

  • Nathan

    It was great having Vivian at the service. She had some awesome stories about healing and her ministry in the outback. Can’t wait till her next visit.