We love joining together for church. The following times are when we gather together:

Sunday 8am

This is a traditional service at Bardon every Sunday. It is mostly a TRADITIONAL ANGLICAN service that follows the Anglican liturgy, although contemporary songs & traditional hymns are sung together. This is a good service if you grew up in an Anglican Church and want to see how we've changed. It also welcomes and accommodates young families, with a Children's Church teaching and activities.


Kids at church



Sunday 9.30am

This service is a charismatic style communion service. The music is provided by piano & other instruments. Expect contemporary songs and a less formal interpretation of the Anglican liturgy. Service includes opportunities for prayer & free worship. This is a good service to attend if you are seeking a balance between charismatic & traditional service. Children's Church is also offered.




Sunday 5:30pm (monthly)

We meet at the Briswest Community Hall, 132 Latrobe Terrace Paddington for lively young adult/family contemporay worship. Check out soulonlatrobe for more details.



Thursday at 10am (monthly)

Held on the 1st Thursday of every month, generally serving the needs of mature members of our local community but everyone is welcome to join us.  The service is followed by a morning tea, and transport can be arranged if required.
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Our monthly roster can be accessed below if you are wondering when you are on in the next coming months.

Church Roster_November December Jan

Everyone is welcome to join the roster. If you'd like to help out give us a call or email.


 If you would like to keep up to date with the Sunday bible readings click below.

Readings & Collects - Year B 2015